The Maritime Law Association of the Philippines (MARLAW) was established in 1982 in order to foster and promote camaraderie among lawyers engaged in the maritime practice, to help spur progress in the maritime legal practice, to advance the interest of the Philippine maritime profession and the maritime industry as a whole. Through the years, various activities  have been  organized to further its advocacies and to disseminate relevant information and discuss various developments and issues affecting the maritime sector. 

MARLAW has grown with the maritime lawyers who have taken pride in becoming part of an organization that serves not only their interest, but the greater interest of the common good as well.

2022 Executive Officers

Pedrito I. Faytaren, Jr.

Don Carlo R. Ybañez
Executive Vice President

Gino Carlo M. Cruz
Corporate Secretary

Ma. Gina B. Guinto

Mary Angela M. Meris
Public Relations Officer

Anthony Rodney M. Velicaria
Vice President for Internal Affairs

Fortunato C. Pagdanganan, Jr.
Vice President for External Affairs

Anel Martin S. Antero
Vice President for Ways and Means

Julius A. Yano
Vice President for Membership

Earl Louie M. Masacayan
Vice President for Social Media

Arjel P. De Guzman
Vice President for Publications

Adam Anthony S. Cabe III
Vice President for Special Events and Programs

Ferdinand A. Nague
Chairman of the Board

Board of Trustees

Ferdinand A. Nague

Gilbert B.  Asuque

Iris V. Baguilat

Emmanuel S. Buenaventura

Denise Luis B. Cabanos

Pedrito I. Faytaren, Jr.

Maria Theresa C. Gonzales

Dennis R. Gorecho

Keith Richard M. Pioquinto

Maria Trinidad P. Villareal

Beatriz O. Geronilla-Villegas

Don Carlo R. Ybañez

Anthony Rodney M. Velicaria

Bartazar Y. Repol

Fortunato C. Pagdanganan, Jr.

Past Presidents

1981-1986 Joaquin L. Misa

1986-1987  Eugene A. Tan

1987-1988  Beda G. Fajardo

1988-1989 Albert R. Palacios

1989-1990 Benjamin T. Bacorro

1990-1991 Antonio R. Velicaria

1991-1992 Ruben T. Del Rosario

1992-1993 Diosdado Z. Reloj

1994-1995 Domingo G. Castillo Jr.

1995-1996 Jose J. Ferrer Jr.

1996-1997 Arturo T. Del Rosario Jr.

1997-1998 Arturo Carlos O. Astorga II

1998-1999 Benjamin A. Somera II

2000-2001 Valeriano R. Del Rosario

2001-2002 Lamberto V. Pia

2002-2003 Pedro L. Linsangan

2003-2004 Francis M. Egenias

2004-2005 Charles Jay D. Dela Cruz

2005-2006 Elma Christine R. Leogardo

2006-2007 Ulysses T. Sevilla

2007-2008 Baltazar Y. Repol

2008-2009 Joseph Manolo P. Rebano

2009-2010 Maria Trinidad P. Villareal

2010-2011 Maria Theresa C. Gonzalez

2011-2012 Emmanuel S. Buenaventura

2012-2013 Augusto R. Bundang

2013-2014 Iris V. Baguilat

2014-2015 Rosario L. Ybanez

2015-2016 Keith Pioquinto

2016- 2017  Dennis R. Gorecho

2016-2017 Arnold B. Lugares

2017-2018 Denise Luis B. Cabanos

2020-2021 Beatriz O. Geronilla-Villegas

2021-2022 Ferdinand A. Nague